Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Familiar

They are there.

Tucked in between dashes to the grocery store or the office or the school.

They are there. 

Waiting to be seen, to be heard, to be noticed and given attention.

They are there.

Sometimes showing out, but only to give pleasure and delight.

They are there.

And they often come and go without a glance, without recognition, without acknowledgement.

They are the precious gifts that God has given us in our familiar.

They are the beautiful golden leaves on the trees that are intermixed with the reds, oranges, and the greens.  They are the clouds that either separate to form pillows that you can name or that come together and present a masterpiece yet to be attained.

They are the sunrises in the morning or the sunsets in the evening. They are the blades of grass that glisten in the morning, full of dew and readiness.

They are the ways that God makes Himself known to us through His amazing creation. 

They are in our familiar. We often take them for granted. 

But when we focus on God, our familiar becomes fascinating. We recognize the Giver and the gifts. 

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances...   1 Thessalonians 5: 16 - 18

Lord, give us eyes to see the beauty of your gifts. Fascinate us with the familiar. We are thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I am thankful for each of you.


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Tracy said...

Hi Kelli - wow, great post. Its so true when you give thanks for the ordinary, they become extraordinary. Thank you for linking up with me today and the twitter follow. I'll be following back shortly and here too. I look forward to your next post.
God bless

Stacy @ Heartprints of God said...

What beautiful words...all of them, but this really reached out and captured my heart: "But when we focus on God, our familiar becomes fascinating."

So true...thank you for this timely, often forgotten, truth-

May your Thanksgiving be overflowing with all that is fascinatingly familiar! :)

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Tracy, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to blogging and tweeting with you!

Stacy, you bless me with your words of encouragement. This was a fun, easy, and blessed post to write!

Courtney said...

Oh I love that line, "Fascinate us with the familiar." That's what counting gifts is all about. Thanks for sharing it, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Shelly said...

So true...may we not be too familiar to recognize or too busy to acknowledge. Happy Thanksgiving, Kelli!

Laura Rath said...

Amen! I love seeing a beautiful sky, especially when rays of sun are shining through the clouds. I feel like God is reminding me He's here.

In Christ,

Daphne Tarango said...

Great post, Kelli.

When I'm overwhelmed, my spirit yearns to be outside, taking in all of God's creation. He does fascinate me with the familiar!


Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Courtney, Shelly, Laura, and Daphne...
THANK you for stopping by and commenting. God is so good to gift us and remind us that He has great plans for our lives. If we will just focus on Him...that changes everything, especially our perspective!