Thursday, May 03, 2012

There is Only Room for One

I told the first part of this story on Tuesday. So, if you missed it, you might want to go here to read it.
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I left the classroom that day knowing that God was beginning something in me. I once again reminded Him that I really just needed some school credit and that perhaps we could put off transformation for another time. 
                                                                                                                            But He was persistent.

My thoughts quickly moved to getting some lunch. As I walked down the hallway, I saw a professor that I had not had for any of my classes. I smiled and gave the normal greeting. Out of the blue, she asked me if I had plans for lunch. I did not. We decided to go to the cafeteria together.

We sat down with our lunches and begin to chat. We shared comments about the summer, about seminary, about classes. Then she asked me to tell her about my life, my family, my ministry. I launched into this glowing description of my life.  My marriage was great. My ministry was booming and growing. My grades were great. I was moving forward in my calling. I told her that our extended families had just gone through some recent trials and that I had helped them through it. I was there to be strong. I was there to give comfort. I was there to provide advice and counsel. I was there to hold things together. 

My. My. My. I. I. I. I. Me. Me. Me. Me. 

She leaned gently across the table. I thought she was getting ready to applaud me and my efforts. But instead she said,

"Will you please get off the throne?"

                                                         I was mortified. I was humiliated. I was humbled. 

My heart lay there fully exposed on that cafeteria table.  And before you get defensive on my behalf and wonder who she thought she was saying that to me…those words weren't hers. Those words came from a God who loves me, who has a plan for me, who knows me, and who wants relationship with me. Those words began a journey of transformation that I am still on after fourteen years. 

It was then, right there in that cafeteria that I realized that as long as I sat on the throne of my life – in control, taking the credit for my accomplishments, and relishing in pride – I would never really see the power of God at work in my life.  There is room for only one on the throne – will it be you or Christ?

Going through the motions doesn’t please you, a flawless performance is nothing to you. I learned God-worship when my pride was shattered.  Psalm 51: 16 - 17

Friends, this is the introduction to a bible study/book that I am writing. The rich verses of Second Corinthians are woven throughout as Paul also addresses the issues of pride, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance. I invite you on this journey with me as we seek to get off the throne of our lives and let God be God. I would love to hear your comments. If you are reading by email, click here.

Living for ONE by getting off the throne of my life,



AmyAlves said...

Oh Kelli, my pride makes me miss out on God so often. Thanks for sharing this part of your story! This goes along with my prayer lately, that all my confidence, abilities, looks, and dependance are found through Him. What a blessing... Amy

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Amy, I know, sister! 2 Cor tells us that all our competency comes from Him. All of it! Thanks for being such an encourager!

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to know that God has filled a void through you. I love your honesty and your examples of His work in your life and the life of your sweet family. Hugs to Bekah and we would have loved to see her as Susan!

Keep up the good work! SCS