Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Sound of My Own Voice: On Purpose Wednesdays (or Thursdays!)

I am so excited to tell you that today I have the exciting privilege of guest posting over at the Southern Writers Magazine Blog -- Suite T!  (Have I told you how excited I am?)  In the article I talk about my constant comparison with others who are bloggers and writers and how I am discovering my own unique voice -- my purpose in writing. So, join me over at Suite T -- and pour yourself a glass of Sweet Tea while you read.  Enjoy!  Oh, and if you want to make a southern girl real happy, leave a comment over there and here...I am smiling already!
Here's the link:

The Sound of My Own Voice

Southern Writers Suite T button

Unwrapping the gift of my God-given unique voice,



Julie said...

I just read your guest post! I love that you are writing and blogging and blessing us all with your gift!

Amy Dickson Ward said...

Thanks for conveying what so many of us bloggers feel and think. Glad you're out there using your voice.