Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Lose Your Joy and Your MInd...All at the Same Time!

My son, Ryan,  at 2 years old

1. Sweat the small stuff. And the big stuff. And the in-between stuff. Worry about your child not going to bed at 8:30. Worry about not cleaning out the refrigerator. Be anxious about your laundry still in the dryer getting wrinkled after four days. Worry about the birthday cards, sympathy cards, and thinking of you cards that you have not sent, but should have in the last six months. Worry about what Colton Dixon will do now that he is not a contender for American Idol anymore. WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING!

2. Wonder what others think about you and your every move and decision. Do my clothes make me look heavier? Am I boring? Am I too over-the-top for some people? Did I say the right thing? Did I say the right thing? Did I sound needy when I asked for people to RT my tweet because I am 24 people away from 500?

3. Do not laugh...ever...even when something is funny. Turn your head to anything that might make you smile. Your colleagues who send 18 emails about what to wear for a photo session. The way Rick Savage over-exaggerates everything on American Savage. And whatever you do, please do not laugh at anything that your children do...especially the fart jokes, noises, and expressions that your 8 year old son enjoys making every day.

4. Yell. And sigh. And get frustrated about everything. The way your child takes a 45-minute shower. Or doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. The way the guy in front of you at the drive-through line takes 5 minutes to decide what he wants. The way no one seems to know that it is bedtime! The way your car is desperate for a cleaning because your sweet children have decided to use it as their personal trash can and closet.

5. Finally, whatever you do, do not spend time with the Lord and allow Him to speak to you. He has a way of bringing perspective to your problems and encouragement to your weary soul. So, don’t let Him! He will tell you not to be anxious for anything. He will tell you to LIVE FOR ONE... He is the only One that matters. He will tell you that laughter is good for you. He will show you what is most important and convict you when you yell and sigh out of frustration. He will change your heart.

 Lord, forgive us when we choose our own way. Forgive us when we miss out on the abundant life you have for us. "Restore to us the JOY of our salvation, of our relationship to you... and renew a RIGHT Spirit within us." Psalm 51:12

What about you? Losing your joy or your mind or both? Love to hear your comments. If you are reading by email, click here.

Living for ONE,



Colleen said...

Ah, I needed this reminder today. So funny, but so so true! Thanks for making me laugh, I needed it!

Tammy said...

Wonderfully written!

AmyAlves said...

I loved your creativity with this honesty sister! It's always a good reminder that He is ready to replace His good with our bad... if we just ask. ~ Blessings out, Amy