Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Your __________, HE IS.

Hi Friends...
I invite you to watch my #2 Video Blog today. Especially if you are going through some tough times. Especially if you need to be reminded of Who God is.

It's four minutes, but I think you will find it worth skipping some boring commercials during your fave show.

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The highlights:

  • Sometimes living for Jesus means surviving with Him by your side.
  • Sometimes walking with Jesus means walking in "the unforced rhythms of His grace."
  • In your _______, GOD IS.
  • In our desperation, He is our Deliverer.
  • In our exhaustion, He is our Energy.
  • In our trials, He is our Trustworthy Savior.
  • In our loneliness, He is the Lover of our Souls.
  • In our emptiness, He is is Emmanuel, God with us.
  • And in our weakness, He is our Strength.
His grace is sufficient, for in our weakness, His strength is made perfect.  2 Corinthians 12:9

Rest in these promises today, my friend. God loves you. He has a plan for your life. He will never leave you or forsake you. Would love your comments! If you are reading by email, click here.

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Sharita said...

Sample comment. America.

AmyAlves said...

These are such strong words of encouragement Kelli! Your heart of love and grace shown through in your voice! God must have big plans for you to be teaching you so much through life circumstances! Keeping walking sister. ~ Blessings, Amy

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Thank you, Amy! God is good and I am trusting that He has a plan for ALL this! It will be exciting to see how He chooses to use these circumstances!

Jenifer said...

Kelly this is such great encouragement!

Sharita Knobloch said...

Oh my beloved boss... THANK YOU.

Thank you for this beautiful message. You are so incredibly gifted.

Thank you for walking with me through that dark time. You literally were a Godsend.

Thank you for being such a remarkable mentor, coach and friend.

Love you so much. I keep praying for you and your family multiple times a day.

Thank you for being you and answering God's call.


~Your Ministry Apprentice

Anonymous said...

LOVE this, will come back to it often. thank you for posting, it was much needed.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this, will come back to it often. thank you for posting, it was much needed.

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

jenifer, Sharita, and simplymemywalk...thank you. These words came easily off of my lips because I am living them by the grace of God!

angela said...

Thank you for these words today! This is something I needed to hear. Praying for your precious Mama and Daddy.

marlece said...

Yes, He is my everything and desire. I love this and it inspires thank you!

Chris Wommack said...

Well said!!

Jen Ferguson said...

Oh, my! What a lot, but what is so great is to see your bright, shining face reflecting His glory.

My favorite? In my desperation, He is my Deliver!

Jennifer @ said...

It is so good to know that no matter what thing I put in that blank, He was, is, and ever will be. I needed to hear that tonight!

I'm thrilled that you've shared this beautiful teaching with our community at Getting Down With Jesus. You're a gifted speaker, and your love for the Lord radiates here!