Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catch and Release

Many of you know that I home school my daughter who is in 7th grade. This is our first year of home schooling and though it has had its many challenges ( I can't do 7th grade math; she doesn't want to get up in the morning; and we like to play!), overall it has been an incredible experience. If you would like to read the story of her desiring to be home schooled and our decision to do this, click here
Thanks, Leslie Cardwell and Family Theatre

Rebekah (aka Bekah, Bekahboo) has morphed this year from a cute girl who never wanted to wear anything but jeans and t-shirts to a beautiful young woman that likes dresses, perfume, and brace in her hair. It has been an exciting transformation to see God work on her from the inside out. She still doesn't care for bling (unlike her mom), but step at a time.

If you read the story about her wanting to be home schooled, you know that one of the reasons was she wanted to learn to be more bold and to be be more comfortable in the skin that God had given her. This gives me chills! I have seen this happen this year. Not because of my teaching skills, but because she has allowed God to come in and replace her doubts and insecurities (which are completely normal for 7th graders) with promises and words from her Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the benefits of home schooling for her has been more freedom to be involved in things that she loves. This girl loves some drama. She has participated in many plays and this Friday night, she will have her first performance as Susan in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe at a local theatre. I am so excited for her. She has asked me not to sit in on any of the dress rehearsals, because she wanted her performance to be a surprise. I can't wait to see her do her thing...

The local theatre posted photos of the cast in dress. I saw these pictures of her in her role as Susan. I thought she looked beautiful, poised, and even valiant...just like a good Susan in Narnia. 

And then I focused in on this photo. My first honest thought as a mom was, "Oh, my, we must make sure that Queen thing doesn't go to her head." 

And then I felt the strong nudging of the Holy Spirit...

"She may be crowned as Queen Susan the Gentle in this play, but I am crowning her my Daughter, Daughter of the King. I am anointing her for something very special. Continue to speak words of encouragement and affirmation over her. Show her love and affection. Teach her what healthy ministry and family look like. Give her an example of what a love relationship with me looks like. I have an incredible plan for her life."

And then the big words...

"And let her go...release her to me."

These words came after I had the reality check that I may only have her 5 more years under my roof. 

"Let her go."

Lord, she is Yours. She always has been. But I now release fully into your plan and I am getting out of the way. Help me to be faithful as a mother and as a friend. More than anything, help me to trust You more.

Having a hard time letting go of something? Release it to the ONE who can do more than we could ever ask or imagine. Oh, and get out of the way. Reading by email and want to comment? Click here.

Living for ONE,



Dawn Aldrich said...

You made me cry. Letting our children go, releasing them into the Father's hands is one of the most difficult jobs as a mother, even when they're married and out of the house! But, oh how sweet to stand witness at God's hand print on their hearts. Enjoy the journey.


Lynn said...

I enjoyed your post, Kelli. This is my daily prayer for Annslee. She is His! I am sorry to say I missed the performance. I know She shined. Bekah has always been a ray of light!

AmyAlves said...

Hi Kelli,
What a great post! Surrender and release... there is freedom found there! Thanks for sharing sister! -Blessings, Amy
p.s. Have fun at the play!!!

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Dawn, you are so right about watching God's hand print on their hearts. What a joy as parents!

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Lynn, thanks so much for reading AND for commenting! You were such an integral part of Bekah's younger years. And you are such an inspiration to me as a mom!

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Freedom in true! Seems the things that are hardest to let go of are the things that bring the most freedom when we are willing to do so! Thanks, Amy.

Amy Dickson Ward said...

Such a beautiful post and I know that it will be a keeper for Bekah as she continues to develop and walk in God's calling for her. She's blessed to have you as her mom.

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Thank you, Amy! You are an inspiration for me!

Leslie said...

She is so beautiful and so talented like her mama! I am enjoying her at the theatre so much!


PS I minored in math and am teaching 4th 5th 8th and 11th grade math right now so "hollah" if she needs help!

Lisa said...

Kelli, we have such similar stories. I can't believe it, especially as I read your most recent post about your daughter. I also have a 7th grade girl, my oldest, whom I homeschooled in 6th grade for many of the same reasons. She did find her own skin and is completely thriving in her school now. It is a miracle! And the Lord took me through the same process of releasing her to Him. Amazing! May you bask in the blessing of His love and favor, and soak in this time with your children, too. That's what I am striving to do!

Blessings, abundantly,