Monday, March 26, 2012

Balancing Life Series: Not Bound by Time

I look back at the last month and wonder how I did not go crazy. (All those who think I did, please do not correct me.) It is amazing to me how we managed to juggle everything. 

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In the midst of normal family duties, taking care of my mom during chemo and the aftereffects, continuing ministry, I had a writing deadline for a magazine. I was so excited about the opportunity, but freaked out that I was not going to finish not one, but FOUR articles for this magazine.

I sent in my first article on time. Done. I did my research for the other three that were not due for another couple of weeks. It's a good thing. Because right after that, life went full speed throttle. 

My deadline for the other three articles was quickly approaching. It was my mom's chemo week and I felt quite certain that while she was receiving chemotherapy, I could work on my articles on my laptop. Plan fail. She needed me. During her long day at the cancer center, I managed to open my laptop for 20 minutes max. 

My other attempts that week to finish the articles failed. I had to take my daughter to an out-of-town science fair. My laptop stayed in the car the entire time because I realized that I needed to be "present" for her. (Her team of three home schoolers ended up winning, by the way!) I spent the next day at the office trying to catch up on ministry and the laptop remained untouched. This was Thursday. My man's birthday. My deadline was Friday morning. 

Needless to say, I was a little frantic. I had my research and half-written, unedited articles, but nothing completed. And now, my mind was very preoccupied with other things. Important things. I sent the editor an email and asked to extend the deadline until the end of the day on Friday. I didn't hear from him. So at 10:30 pm, Thursday night I began to pray for God to supernaturally enlighten me. Seriously. I put my hands to the computer and prayed that my half-written work would be completed. The longer I attempted to type, the crazier my sentences got. I was exhausted...physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How could I possibly formulate thoughts that would make sense?

Still no answer from the editor about the extended few hours for the deadline. I finally gave up and went to bed. I knew that these articles were due in the morning. I dozed off, praying that God would help me. I know Him as the God Who Sees. I know Him as the God Who Provides. I know Him as the God Who Hears. 

3:30 am. I awaken. Wide awake. Yes! God woke me up so that I could go write. Yes! Except that in my heart, I did not feel like that was why God awakened me. To my surprise, and honestly my distress, I felt He was telling me to lay there awake and pray and rest. 

I questioned Him. "Do you know I am really awake, Lord, and that some of my best writing occurs at 3:30 am? Are you sure I can't get up and finish these articles that are due in FIVE hours?" But, as best as I can hear God at 3:30 am, I really felt like He said, "I will bless you for doing what I am calling you to do. Rest and pray." So, from 3:30 to 5:30 am, I prayed. I prayed for Mom. For Dad. For healing. For my family. For my extended family. For grace. For love. For mercy. For my friends who were suffering. For my church family. For missionaries. For my ministry. For my calling. For anything and anyone God brought to my mind during those hours. 

At 5:30 am, I fell asleep and I slept until 6:15 when I had to get up and start getting ready for the day. After a quick cup of coffee and a peanut butter slathered waffle, I sat down at the computer. I was ready to write.

I decided to check my email. And there it was. An email from the editor of the magazine. He told me not only to take until the end of the day on Friday, but to take the weekend to finish the articles. To say I was relieved was an understatement.  I was incredibly grateful for the extension. 

And then I read the time stamp on the editor's email.

3:30 am

In God's economy, time is never wasted. In fact, it is usually multiplied. He is not bound by time. He can actually make time abound.

He is faithful, friends.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; 

His mercies never come to an end; 
  they are new every morning; 
great is Your faithfulness. 
“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, 
“therefore I will hope in Him.” 

I would love to know how God has blessed you lately. Maybe with extra energy? Time? Please share below or here if reading by email. We celebrate the faithfulness of God! 

Living for ONE,


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Colleen said...

Oh, wow! That is so very amazing! I'm amazed you EVER get up at 3:30, though. If that happens, I'll know for sure it's from God, because it won't be based on my strength alone!

Leslie said...

I love this!

And I can guarantee that if I wake up at 3:30 it is ALWAYS for intercession. And I don't ever regret it!

Gaye Lindfors said...

Oh, Kelli, your post was just the reminder I needed to hear today. Thank you! Here's what your message reminded me of: God knows exactly what's going on in my life. He knows exactly what I need. He will never, ever fail me. Thank you for opening this small window into your life. You've made a difference today.