Monday, March 05, 2012

My Life on the Mine Train

I remember it vividly. As we loaded onto the cars that would take us up and down and twisting and turning, there was a mixture of fear and thrill. You know that blending of emotions that causes you to want to throw up and jump up and down simultaneously. The fear starts to produce doubts, but the opportunity of a thrill enables you to get on this crazy roller coaster.

Yes, we climbed into our two-passenger seats and waited for the rote instruction... "Arms up as the safety bar comes down and locks in front of you." Except it didn't come down. The safety bar did not come down! We screamed for help and for the attendant to stop the train from beginning to move, but no one could hear us above all the other noise.

Thrill seemed to fade quickly as we literally hung on for life to the front of our car. Thankfully, there were only minor turns and hills before we saw another attendant. As we ascended onto one of the major hills, we yelled for the attendant to stop the train and pull down the safety bar. Once again, we were not heard. By now fear was our faithful attender. My aunt who was in the car with me did her best to support my twelve year old frame. The mine train coaster was in full motion now and we were about to rise to our highest peak. 

There at the top of the biggest hill was another attendant. Screaming at the top of our voices, we frantically yelled for the car to stop. Finally we were heard. The coaster was halted. Our safety bar which served as a belt to hold us in finally came down around our waists. Relief does not describe our feelings. Had we not been protected with the safety bar at that time, we most likely would have been thrown from the cars and badly injured.

My life has resembled that crazy mine train roller coaster lately. 

I am having my first article published in a printed magazine in April. UP.

My parents are both going through cancer treatment right now - Mom in chemo and Dad in radiation. DOWN.

My speaking ministry is taking off and I am so excited to see what God is going to do! TWIST.

My house is so disorganized, it is a miracle that I ever get anything accomplished. TURN.

Just spent the weekend with my husband of 20 years ministering together at a Marriage conference. UP.

There are relationships in my life that desperately need healing. DOWN.

You get the picture. There are times I jump on board this roller coaster called life with that same mixture of fear and thrill. And there are times that I wonder if Someone forgot to pull down the safety bar. I feel out of control. Desperate. I cry out and don't feel heard at times.

BUT JESUS. Even though life is crazy, unpredictable, lonely, and broken, we have a GOD WITH US. We have a GOD WHO SEES. We have a GOD WHO HEARS AND LISTENS. We have a PROTECTOR and a PROVIDER. JESUS is our SAFETY BAR. He is our ATTENDANT. He will never leave us or forsake us. He LOVES US! 

I hold on to you for dear life,
and you hold me steady as a post.  Psalm 63:8
Friend, whatever you are going through, I want you to know that God loves you and He will never abandon you. Even when you feel you are not being heard, He is there. Trust Him. He has a plan for your life and it is greater than you could ever ask or imagine. I feel that we are a community here. I have shared some of my struggles, would you share yours, so we can pray for you?

Living for ONE,


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Anonymous said...

Remember, the only one who gets hurt on a roller coaster is the one who jumps off
Chris W

Bekah Wommack said...

I agree with Dad, you probably wouldn't have gotten hurt on a little coaster like the Mine Train unless you had jumped:) Then again, I do remember screaming for dear life when the safety bar wouldn't come down on the ski-lift last year, so I understand.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I feel you on the roller coaster of life analogy!! Praying for your parents!

Janice C Johnson said...

Your real roller coaster is a great analogy for life's twists and turns. Thank you for reminding me Who keeps me safe.
Visiting from SDG!

Sharita Knobloch said...

Oh Kelli-- I read this a couple days ago when you posted it, but didn't get a chance to comment.

I love this post... it is so true. The twists, turns, ups, downs, stops, goes and everything in between impact our hearts and our lives... but ultimately, God is our roller coaster operator, watching out for us and always protecting. (If God was driving that roller coaster, He surely would have heard your cries right away :-)

I continue to pray for you. Love you!!!